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Version: 1.0.13
Release date: 2023-11-16
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  Hide changelog SafePass 1.0.9 [2021-05-19]
• CORE: Project upgraded to .NET 4.7.2
• CORE: Performance improvements

SafePass 1.0.5 [2012-08-07]
• FEATURE: Import from clipboard

SafePass 1.0.4 [2010-11-09]
• BUGFIX: Row selection bug fixed

SafePass 1.0.3 [2010-07-15]
• BUGFIX: Performance issues with old sap-files saved many times.

SafePass 1.0.2 [2006-02-05]
• CORE: Project upgraded to .NET 2.0
• CORE: Improved startup times using native assembly images
• BUGFIX: Edit/filter bug fixed
• BUGFIX: Sort order improved
• BUGFIX: CTRL+A does now select all rows
• BUGFIX: Clipboard errors handled properly
• FEATURE: F3/F4 copies username/password to clipboard

SafePass 1.0.1 [2004-07-18]
• BUGFIX: Text colors are same as system colors
• BUGFIX: Filter field gets focus on startup
• BUGFIX: Filtering bug fixed
• FEATURE: Minimize to system tray option added
• FEATURE: Options dialog improved
• FEATURE: Recent file list added
• FEATURE: Hotkey option added
• FEATURE: Option for use of default browser instead of Internet Explorer added.
• FEATURE: Option for checking latest version on startup added
• FEATURE: Latest version visible in About dialog

SafePass 1.0.0 [2004-06-23]
• Initial release

OS: Windows

Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2.

Upgrades: When upgrading SafePass, just run the setup package and your files will be replaced.